Our mission is to help government and public sector organizations manage technological change and innovation.

Technological developments are going very quickly and technology has deeply impacted the world we live in. The world is increasingly global, mobile, and flexible. The reciprocal effects of technology and society are not only impacting the environment in which governments and public agencies operate, but also the organization itself. While this has created many challenges within government, technology is also creating many new opportunities.

Increasingly fragmented and segmented customer populations that are harder to reach and satisfy.

Mobility of employees and scarcity of talent is challenging traditional approaches towards workforce management.

Traditional organizational models with layers and silos make integration of technology and collaboration difficult.

Increasing technological complexities, driving cost and making implementation more complicated.

Increasing speed of technological innovation makes it difficult for inert organizations to keep up.

Increasing pressure to work data-driven, but a lack of knowledge about data and analytics, as well as a  data infrastructure.

Our goal is to help organizations deal with these technology driven and related challenges. We believe the best way to do this, is by focusing on three main services we provide for our clients.


Helping organizations understand the complexities and nature of technology. We believe knowledge and understanding are the first key factor in changing organizations. Only those organizations that understand and agree with the need to change are successful.


Thoroughly diagnosing organizations, or parts thereof. We believe that valid insights about key aspects of the organization and acknowledging these outcomes are the second ingredient for improvement.


Creating and implementing new (digital) strategies. We believe a solid strategy that is flexible and builds upon valid knowledge and insights is the final ingredient in creating a better organization.

Our approach

The best way to solve complex problems is to completely understand and dissect the problem into its root causes. In order to do so, we need to understand the broader context in which the problem happens and we need to analyze and research key aspect of the organization, its employees and customer behaviors. To solve problems, we need to help our clients, provide them with the best possible advice and train them to build organizational capabilities. This is why Pieterson Strategic deplys four types of activities in our work.


Our goal is to make sense of new technological innovations and how they interact with society. Furthermore, we analyse and assess how developments impact large governmental and public sector organisations. This work feeds into our other activities, but is also our way of contributing knowledge to the world.


We believe that organisations should be run on facts and we believe in the power of analytics. Our research can help organisations understand how they function and how they interact with their clients. This feeds into better strategies for the future.


No organization is the same and technological changes will impact every organization in different ways. Therefore we create solutions that are tailored to each individual organization. Our team works with you to help you create strategies that fit your organization and provide support whenever you need it.


Organisations must build the capacity themselves to analyse technological innovations and assess the impact of these innovations on the organisations. We want to help you build these capabilities. We help you in looking at the world and we teach you how to do research and create an adaptive organisation.


Willem Pieterson

Willem Pieterson

Founder / Owner

Willem Pieterson is the founder and owner of Pieterson Strategic. Besides his work for the company, he is the adjunct director and one of the co-founders of the Center for eGovernment Studies (CFES). CFES is an academic research center aimed at understanding the consequences of technology on governments in the area of organization and service delivery.
Dr. Pieterson holds a PhD Cum Laude in Communication (2009) and has been working with and for governmental agencies for the past 15+ years. His expertise lies in organizational and service delivery challenges with governments, with a special focus on strategy development, multi-channel management, use of data and analytics and the broader organizational context in which these take place. Within Pieterson Strategic and its precursors, Willem has developed specific expertise working with and for public employment services. Examples are specific countries (such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Brasil, and Chile) and international organizations (such as the European Commission, the World Association of Public Employment Services, the PES Exchange Platform, and through the Inter-American Development Bank).
In the past 15 years, Willem has published over 50 journal articles, conference contributions, book chapters, and reports of various nature and he writes a blog on his areas of expertise.

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