Seminar on Work 4.0

digitalisation of the labour market

February 2018 | Willem Pieterson

Willem Pieterson was the invited expert to participate in the seminar on Work 4.0 hosted in Prague on February 28th 2018. The seminar was Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and was attended by 12 European countries and representatives of international organisations. Willem wrote an input paper on the topic for the seminar (see below).

Seminar Summary
Labour markets are undergoing structural changes taking place in the context of digitalisation and technological progress. These changes are expected to affect manual professions in particular but may also have an impact on administrative occupations due to developments in artificial intelligence.

The seminar created the opportunity to share views on measures preventing growing polarisation of work due to the process of digitalisation and policy responses in the areas of life-long learning, tax and insurance systems and occupational health and safety.