24/7 Worldwide Service / Loket Buitenland

2018-2019 | Willem Pieterson

Around one million Dutch citizens live abroad and often these citizens still use services provided by the Dutch government (e.g. renewing their passport). The ongoing digitalization of services in the Netherlands has primarily targeted those people living in the Netherlands. Many services for citizens living abroad are not as advanced yet and service delivery in general for this group is being complicated by time differences and the often large distances (rendering in-person services more cumbersome).

The Dutch national government (Cabinet Rutte-III) has decided to create one new front-office for those citizens living abroad that need services from all Dutch government agencies. This front-office will consist of a variety of service channels and should be realised between 2018 and December 2021. The project to realize this one-stop shop is being led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pieterson Strategic will assist the Ministry with the execution of this project. We will provide strategic advice and support the project where needed to realize its goals.

Project status: ongoing