Being Digitally Strategic

2018 | Willem Pieterson

Organizations around the world are increasingly adoption digital technologies to improve processes and/or service delivery. Public Employment Services (PES), in their efforts to help employers, job-seekers, and/or recipients of government benefits are no exception to this rule. While several PES are at the forefront of government agencies adoption new technologies, many PES across the European Union are not. These PES face the challenge of lagging behind in an increasingly fast changing world, while enjoying the benefit of starting from a more clean slate and having less legacy problems to worry about.

In this project we explore the opportunities and challenges of digital strategies and digital transformation. The project aims at understanding the context in which PES are trying to transform, while providing insights that can help PES with their digitalisation initiatives. The project tries to translate broader developments from the private sector and other governments into the specific situation of PES that are currently not the most digitally advanced.

An analytical report on this topic is under preparation and will be published here fall 2018. This project is funded by the European Commission’s PES Network and executed under supervision from ICF International.

Project status: ongoing

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