Evaluation Consular Multi-Channel Service Delivery

2017-2018 | Willem Pieterson

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the delivery of consular services to Dutch citizen’s living, working, and travelling abroad, providing information about foreign countries (e.g travel advisories) to Dutch Citizens, as well as visa services to people wanting to visit or live in the Netherlands. The Ministry develops strategies, policies and projects aimed at improving and modernising these services.

The Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) has been tasked with the evaluation of the (quality of) policy development and execution in the past years (2011-2017). As part of this evaluation, Pieterson Strategic has been asked to provide a thematic policy evaluation on the topic of multi-channel management. To execute this policy evaluation we have:

  • Conducted a ‘traditional’ evaluation of relevant policy documents (e.g. plans, strategies, directives)
  • Spoken to relevant stakeholders within the organization
  • Analyzed relevant data on service delivery and service channels to assess effectiveness and efficiency of channel management
  • Researched relevant literature on (consular) services and channel management

The project should wrap up in the fall of 2018 and relevant reports (in Dutch) will be published here.

Status: active

Publication: not yet available