Evaluation Service Delivery Municipality of Enschede

2018 | Willem Pieterson

Digitalization is high on the agenda of most governmental agencies around the world and the Municipality of Enschede in the Netherlands is no exception. Digitalization of processes and services is regarded widely as a means to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and increase citizen satisfaction with service delivery. But is that really the case?

The Dutch National Ombudsman has recommended that governmental organizations, while designing and delivering services, should follow four rules:

  1. Be accessible. Make service delivery accessible to all types of customers.
  2. Be responsible. Take responsibility for the improvement of processes and services and take ownership of problems.
  3. Be user friendly. Make services and channels as user friendly and easy to use as possible.
  4. Be solution oriented. Pro-actively solve problems and provide adequate solutions in a timely manner.

Goal of this project, funded by the Municipality of Enschede and executed for Wolfgang Ebbers Research & Consultancy, is to evaluate the quality of (digital) service delivery of the municipality using the guidelines laid out by the Ombudsman. The project consists of four elements:

  • Operationalization of the four rules into a framework that can be tested.
  • Interviews with relevant stakeholders to capture the organization’s perspective.
  • A study (survey) among citizens to test the framework from the citizen perspective.
  • Study of relevant literature on service delivery and quality.

This project is ongoing and any results will be published here (in the fall of 2018).

Project status: active

Publication: not yet available