New Channels, New Possibilities

2017 | Conference Paper

Willem Pieterson, Wolfgang Ebbers & Christian Østergaard Madsen

In this contribution we discuss the characteristics of what we call the fourth generation of public sector service channels: social robots. Based on a review of relevant literature we discuss their characteristics and place into multi-channel models of service delivery. We argue that social robots is not one homogenous type of channels, but rather breaks down in different (sub)types of channels, each with different characteristics and possibilities to supplement and/or replace existing channels. Given the variety of channels, we foresee challenges in incorporating these new channels in multi-channel models of service delivery. This is especially relevant given the current lack of evaluations of such models, the broad range of channels available, and their different stages of deployment at governments around the world. Nevertheless, social robots offer an potentially very relevant addition to the service level landscape.

Full reference:
Pieterson, W., Ebbers, W., & Madsen, C. Ø. (2017, September). New channels, new possibilities: A typology and classification of social robots and their role in multi-channel public service delivery. In International Conference on Electronic Government (pp. 47-59). Springer, Cham.