Tag: channel management

Paper eGov2017 Conference

In this contribution we discuss the characteristics of a new generation of public sector service channels: social robots. We argue that social robots is not one homogenous type of channels, but rather breaks down in different (sub)types of channels, each with different characteristics and possibilities to supplement and/or replace existing channels. Given the variety of channels, we foresee challenges in incorporating these new channels in multi-channel models of service delivery.

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Article Government Information Quarterly

In this article we explore how citizens channel service channels when interacting with government. Our findings show that citizens sometimes choose channels rationally and sometimes irrationally. The task at hand, personal characteristics, and situation trigger which factors are most important. As a consequence, models focused on channel strategies should focus less on rational ‘matching’ and more on situational factors.

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Project: From Blending to Omni-Channeling

Willem Pieterson was the independent expert asked by the European Commission and ICF International to review and help improve multi-channel management strategies. In the project we explore phases in channel management and focus on Omni-Channeling

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Book Chapter: The World of Public Employment Services

This contribution discusses strategies followed by public employment services (PES) in using channels, then turns to examining the regional differences in strategies. Finally, the chapter focuses on new developments, innovations, and opportunities.

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