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Seminar on Work 4.0

Willem Pieterson was the invited expert to attend a seminar on Work 4.0 to discuss how labour markets will change in the future due to techological and societal developments.

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Project: Being Digitally Strategic

Willem Pieterson was invited to be the independent expert to be part of the digitalization strand of the PES Network’s 2018 work programme. In this project we explore the digital strategies of Public Employment Services (PES).

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Book Chapter: The World of Public Employment Services

This contribution discusses strategies followed by public employment services (PES) in using channels, then turns to examining the regional differences in strategies. Finally, the chapter focuses on new developments, innovations, and opportunities.

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Why the focus on ‘e’ in eGovernment could hurt service delivery

Many governments have developed specific ‘egovernment’ or ‘digital government’ action plans or programs. While it is good that governments focus on digitalisation and the ‘electronic’ aspects of service deliver, it creates the risk that governments neglect traditional models or parts of government that are less focused on the ‘digital’ but still important. In this piece we discuss this further.

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