The world is changing quickly and technological developments are going increasingly fast. Keeping track of all developments is hard. Understanding what everything means for large organizations even harder. We believe change is constant and that (technological) change will continuously affect organizations in the future. As the world changes, societies become more complex. The ongoing technological innovation leads to many questions for organizations. Which technologies to adopt? Will technologies lead to gains in efficiency and effectiveness? Which tools and applications are most relevant to our customers?
We help organizations find answers to these questions. In order to do so, we help our clients in three areas. The first is understanding technology and its impact on societies and the organization. The second is diagnosis through research and analytics to fully understand the capabilities, challenges and obstacles in the organization. The third and last area is that of strategy development and execution, where we help the organization create or revise digital strategies and assist them in the execution.

While many of our projects focus on one or more of these areas, we see them as related, as the framework above depicts. A successful digital or organizational strategy depends on a proper assessment of the organization. In order to properly do this, we need to understand the volatile context in which the organization operates. This is formed by the interrelated technological and societal developments.
The key areas we focus on are the following:


We help organizations understand the latest technological (and interrelated societal) developments. More importantly, we help our clients get a clear picture of what current and expected trends mean for the organization, its processes, service delivery, employees and clients.
We believe that knowledge and understanding are the first step in creating a better organization.


We diagnose organizations to assess their change readiness, as well as discover their most important challenges and technological opportunities. We conduct applied research and data analytics to create insights needed four our clients specific situation and for their needs.
Knowledge is the key to success and the power of diagnostics can help us fully understand the organization and the ways to make it better.


We assist in the creation and execution of new missions, visions, and strategies that help create a stronger organization. We develop digital transformation plans with our clients and support the execution through project management, consulting and training services.
We focus heavily on the role of data to measure success and believe in the power of creating learning and adaptive organizations.

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