Strategy Development and Execution

A majority of all strategic initiatives and change projects fail

Many studies and evaluations have found that a majority of change oriented initiatives are (partially) unsuccessful. This makes sense, strategy development is hard and execution even more difficult. This applies strongly to governmental agencies that operate in a tricky (political) environment of constantly changing priorities and agendas.
We believe that technological developments are creating opportunities and challenges to improve strategy development and execution:


Better availability and quality of data to measure progress and success.

Better tools for collaboration, communication and project management.


More flexible technologies that allow for more modular and changeable processes and infrastructures.


Speed of change making long-term development difficult to plan and foresee.


Adoption and change tiredness create obstacles towards uptake of technologies.

Continuous addition of new technologies could increase fragmentation and future legacy.

In our experience, the success of strategy development and execution depend on a careful balance between short term goals and long term visions and mission, as well as commitment to goals and being flexible enough to change them.

We help our clients do exactly that. Based on current trends and developments in technology and society, as well as any insights and data from the organization, we help governments and public sector agencies create strategies that help them achieve their organizational goals and that fit into the vision of where the world and the organization are going.
Examples of the types of services we frequently provide to our clients are the following:

MVS Sessions | Reflecting on mission, vision, and strategy

In these sessions we discuss trends, developments and insights from the organization and its environment. Based on this, we reflect on existing goals and plans in the organization and lay the foundation for new missions, visions and strategies.


Strategy Development | Building future proof strategies

We support the organization in the development of new digital, data, or service strategies. We help define goals, KPIs and set a realistic timeline.


Strategy execution | Practical advice and project management

We help organization in the execution of their strategies and projects. We do this by either providing support (as consultants or technical advisors) to project teams, or we manage these projects for and with you.

These services are examples of what we do and cover a large part of our work. However, if these don’t meet your needs, please be in touch with us. We would love to have a conversation and see what we can achieve.