Understanding Technology

Technological developments are going fast, increasingly fast. In the last few decades we have seen an explosion of new information & communication technologies that have changed how organizations function and interact with their clients.
The number of technologies used for processes, operations and customer interaction has exploded in the past few decades  and this has led to dramatic improvements in the way files are processed, information is stored and shared, and number of service channels available for citizen interaction. The benefits are large and few will doubt that ITs have led to massive improvements in government, public sector and other large organizations.

Despite all positive consequences,  IT developments have also caused challenges and these often have a non-technical nature. Some examples include:

Models of organizing have not kept up with technological developments.

50 years of technology have created big legacy challenges.

Lack of knowledge about technology and developments hinder successful governmental digital strategies.


Increasing number of service channels make channel management more complicated.

Differences in customer behaviors and digital skills make it harder to reach and satisfy all customers.

Fragmentation of platforms and technologies has made collaboration and integration challenging.

Current and past technologies already made the landscape complicated. However, according to many experts, the speed of innovation is increasing. In this age of “exponential technologies” the world will become more complicated very quickly. This makes it harder and harder for organizations to keep up with developments. Large, inert organizations will be hit hardest by this.
The first step in building a better, more adaptable, organization is understanding exactly what the latest technological developments are and what they mean for the organization. We specialize in analyzing the latest developments and help you understand how these could impact your organization.

Examples of the types of services we frequently provide to our clients are the following:

Strategy Sessions | Discussing technological developments

Strategy sessions with (senior) leadership & management to bring them up to speed with the latest trends and developments.


Tailored trends & insights | Knowledge made to fit the organization

Based on an analysis of the organization, we provide tailored insights to the organization that give the organization a more detailed overview of challenges, obstacles and opportunities.


General insights | Our way of contributing to society

One of our goals is to help governments and society in general. To fulfill this goal we share key findings of our thinking and research with the world. On the news/blog section of our site you can find many publications and in-depth articles that can help agencies around the world.

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