Understanding Technology

We help organizations understand technological developments and what that means for the organization.

Assessing organizations

We help organizations diagnose key elements of their organization and customers to aid in the creation of better strategies.

Building strategies

We support organizations in the creation of future-proof strategies focused on successful technological change.

We help government and public sector organizations manage technological change and innovation.

Pieterson Strategic specializes in supporting government and public sector organizations with their digital transformation. We help organizations understand technology, assess readiness and capabilities of the organization, and support the creation and execution of digital strategies and (multi-channel) service delivery projects.

We work with leadership and management in large organizations who believe in an honest and collaborative approach towards change and innovation. Our 15 years of experience working with a variety of organizations has resulted in our unique approach, consisting of four components:

Strategic Thinking
Analyzing trends & innovations, and the impact on organizations.

Strategic Researching
Conducting research and analytics projects for and with our clients.

Strategic Consulting
Supporting organizations with strategy development and execution.

Strategic Training
Capacity building and creation of a learning, adaptive organization.

Areas of Work

The types of services we provide

Understanding Technology

We help organizations understand the opportunities, obstacles and challenges towards (new) information and communication technologies.

Assessing Organizations

We use applied research and data analytics to help our clients understand their organization, its readiness towards change and digital transformation, as well as customer service interactions.

Building Strategies

We support organizations with the development and implementation of digital, data, and service channel strategies.