From Blending to Omni-Channeling

2017-2018 | Willem Pieterson

Organizations have a set of channels available to deliver services to their customers. While this has created unprecedented opportunities to improve service delivery, it has also created challenges. These challenges apply to every type of organizations, but governments and especially public employment service (PES) organizations operate in a context that creates specific circumstances.

Goal of this project, funded by the European Commission and executed for ICF International, was to explore the opportunities and challenges of modern multi-channel management. Our findings suggest that management of channels has evolved over time in different phases. Recently, private sector organizations have started to focus on omni-channelling; a tight integration of channels leading to a seamless customer experience.

Omni-channeling has potential for the public sector, and PES, as well in terms of service effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. However, in order to realize the potential of omni-channeling, organizations need to focus on their understanding of customer behaviors, resolve siloing in the organization and work towards tighter integration of processes, IT systems, data, and the organization.

Project status: completed

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