Measuring Service Quality

2019 | Willem Pieterson

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken) is in charge of coordination and improving service delivery to Dutch citizens by the national government. Up until 2015 the ministry conducted an annual measurement of service quality as perceived by a representative sample of Dutch citizens.

In 2018 the national government launched an ambitious programme (“NL DigiBeter“) aimed at harnessing the new opportunities provided by new digital technologies. One of the areas on which digitization and digitalization are believed to have a big impact in coming years is governmental service delivery. As part of NL DigiBeter, the government wants to make (digital) services more accessible, understandable and intended for all citizens. In addition, service personalization is another focal area.

NL DigiBeter

As part of this new programme the Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided to restart their annual measurements of service quality. This could help track the governments ambition, create an internal benchmark and spur improvements in service delivery.

Pieterson Strategic will assist the Ministry with the execution of this project. Based on existing practices, scientific models and applied research, we will develop a state of the art (theoretical) framework that will be used to measure all relevant dimensions of service quality. The project will include a series of focus groups to gather citizens’ insights and experiences and a nationwide survey among citizens. Data collection will be done by Kantar Public

Project status: ongoing | results (publicly available) expected in the fall of 2019